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We provide specifically tailored classes and wellness workshops on numerous topics including stress reduction and mindfulness training.  For all groups, large and small, we can provide regular weekly classes or workshops on Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, Mindfulness, Pilates, Strength, Cardio and more.   Some of my current and former clients include the City of Surprise, Ottawa University, Dysart Unified School District and others.  I am always looking to grow and expand.  

We welcome your questions, feedback and insights as you and we evolve.

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We're a unique mobile yoga studio that prides itself on providing intelligent Yoga wellness workshops and mindfulness training to businesses in the Surprise area.  Also now offering small group practices in my @HomeStudio!  Inquire for more details.  

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susan mahenski
Owner and Instructor

​​ “Don’t believe anything, just because I said it. Find out for yourself.”

Whether leading a sweaty Yoga flow or a cooling Yin practice, I teach from an alignment-based approach where everyone can feel the benefits of Yoga. Every ‘body’ is different, and what works for one person may not for the other. I honor the diversity of my students and present all subject matter inclusively, providing modifications and adjustments when needed.  By taking a whole-body approach, I can teach awareness of fluctuations in body, breath and mind.  When a student learns to listen to their body, they become better able to fit the needs of today’s body.  These needs change from day to day and I aim to meet the students where they are, each day.  

Yoga strengthens the integration of body and mind.  Everyone can benefit from some part of Yoga, whether it be meditation, mudra or an advanced asana practice. I never to take myself too seriously – I always practice with a sense of humor.   Overall, my goal is to equip each student with the tools they need to take their Yoga off the mat and out into the world.